Computer Services


While most PC consulting services are closing for the day, Sierra Services is open during the hours when you need individual PC support the most. We provide seasoned technicians with years of professional experience supporting a range of PC users from the novel to the technically savvy. Regardless of your PC issue, whether minute or critical we guarantee you will get a response.

Data Backup and PC Recovery

Most of us may have experienced the despair of losing vital information and some may fear having to go through that ordeal. At Sierra Services we can save you the trouble of worrying about whether or not your important documents are safe from computer crashes or unintentional deletion by backing up your information for you.

Software Training

Our experience in a diverse array of software applications both, recent and established enables us to offer training in software such as Microsoft office suit. Our flexible training sessions work around your schedule and can run for any length of time in accordance with your preference. We are aware that different users require different methods of training therefore we tailor-make our sessions per user.

Malicious program assistant (Virus, Worms and Spyware)

The most seemingly harmless web sites and emails can cause us the most grief. Viruses and worms can eat into your memory and cause your system to get increasingly slower and even crash, spyware can hide within your PC and report every piece of information unknowingly transferred to a third-party. We can wipe the harmful software off your computer and have it running efficiently again.

Troubleshooting and Repair

It is a rarity for a PC to go through an entire lifetime of use without experiencing some sort of technical issue. Whether sending it back to the manufacturer is too costly or you can’t afford to have your PC away for that long, Sierra Services does swift troubleshooting and can repair most computers within a reasonably short period of time.

Networking (Wired and Wireless)

If you need assistance in setting up your home network, Sierra Services is experienced in setting up both wired and wireless networks. We can also assist you in setting up a personal home network to make sharing data between family/friends easy and quick. Our installation schedules work around your availability and we promise to complete the installation with all deliberate speed.

Blackberry and PDA Setup

Our technicians have a proven foundation in Blackberry and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) support with nearly half a decade of professional experience.  Ranging from custom setup to analyzing email solutions, we can recommend the best solution for Blackberry and PDAs.


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